​Great place to take a bath!

I wasn't but if it was ever going to happen, it would be here!

It was like time traveling!       I kept expecting to be whooshed away to another era...

My ​The best part of the       trip was just being               on the train!

On the Kuranda Scenic Railway we traveled through a rainforest and saw steep ravines and waterfalls. 

​At Bondi Beach I met some friendly gulls.

​S    ​Sydney

Opera House, day and night.

This was the sign on the door down the hall from our room at the Holiday Inn in Cairns.  My friends told me there really wasn't a hydra behind the door but I didn't dawdle in the hallway just in case.

Can you find me on top of the fence at Government House?

that are very beautiful!

Here there are geothermal areas

And then we're off to Rotorua

I'm glad that the hand that helps me get around has a firm grip on my little body.                                                I don't want to become anyone's 'Precious'.

The Wellington Airport made sure that we knew where we were.

And I love to pretend I'm swimming with the fishies!
Now, it's suddenly Christmas!
I just love playing in the snow with Cru and Fu!
              It's Halloween! 
My favorite time of the year! 
I made my pumpkin and wings
out of polymer clay and my
cape is some spilled acrylic
paint after it dried.  Luckily, the
paint stuck to the wax paper it
was on and this made a nice
liner for me.  I am fuzzy and the
paint would have stuck to me
without it.

I like going for car drives.  We always get the best view!  Futon was sleeping during this pic.
Hey, Tucson!  C'mere!                                                            Ya got any tasty slugs or worms on ya?
That Kato.  He's such a kidder.
Erik and I sing in harmony.  The other fish tell me that Erik was completely orange for the fist six years he lived with them.  Four years ago, he started to turn white.
Finny is my best fish friend.  
      She is a bit shy too.
I've never had fish friends before!  Meet (l-r) Finnigan's tail, Erik the goldfish who thinks he is a koi, Kato and Cecil. These koi are not as talkative as the ones I met in Montreal.  They sure have interesting facial expressions though!
After all the dryness in AZ, I really love sliding around          the rain-soaked hostas in Newfoundland
I finally met Cruton and Futon and what a
    wonderful summer we had together!
    Oh, and the ferns!  I just love the ferns! 
So many places to hide.  And they tickle me!
At my new home in Topsail, NL,  I watched the snow fall for hours at a time. 
               And then I slept for days.  Before I knew it, it was spring!
.We had an unexpected stay overnight in Montreal when St. John's had a snowstorm and flights were cancelled.                      In the lobby of our hotel were some story-telling koi fish. They entertained us for hours!
At the Tucson International Airport, we saw a tornado shelter and brass trilobite fossils on the floor.
And so began my journey home...
We had a really great time at Kitt Peak National Observatory in the Tohono O'odham Nation, SW of Arizona
       Look at the bags the local grocery store uses!                       Time for a bath with the soap I bought in San Francisco
Imagine what this ammonite was like when he was alive!
Doesn't this rose quartz sphere look like a planet in outer space?  
          Isn't this slab of labradorite beautiful?                                     This amethyst cave is sharp on the little toes
And then it's off to the Rock, Fossil & Mineral Show!

                                       Wow!  Look at all the cool rocks!

My favorite  (that's how I spell it)  animal in Arizona is the javelina.   Aren't they cute?
Here, I am showing my new friend
      how to drink from a cactus
 I was a Ranch House Hippo and lived in Tucson, AZ.    I was in San Franciso visiting friends and got lost in that big            airport trying to get home.  Luckily, some people from Canada spotted me looking confused.  They were 
                  going to Tucson for the Fossil, Rock and Mineral Show and invited me to sit with them on the flight.
                                                                   And so began a beautiful friendship.
Here, I'm helping a fallen baby cactus

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​Well, may-be just little trips to show Mu the local sites.  

            In this pic, Mu and I dance at Cape Spear.

​As for me, I'm home again and want to just spend my days in the garden now.   Smelling flowers, napping under hostas, hanging with my friends.


​       Will Tu continue to be happy close to home?   Stay tuned...

       For what happens next, read Muru's story...

I explain the escape plan to my new friend.

Mailing a postcard to Cru & Fu

​Alice Springs Airport

​   Caterpillar ancestors story at

​In memory of Biggles, The Rocks, Sydney

​Holiday Inn in Cairns

​Waiting in the Alice Springs airport. I have my own travel pocket  to keep me safe.

​After watching the sunrise, it's time for a nap on the bus.

​Watching the sun rise over Uluru/Ayers Rock

​One of my best memories in Australia

Being from the desert, I had never been on a boat before and really loved being  

   carried across the water at Milford Sound.  Much less tiring than swimming!

​It was the end of autumn when we visited and the leaves on the trees were spectacular!

   I carried these pretty leaves with me all day and even brought them home with me.

​Next stop, beautiful Queenstown

friendly talking heads

​Then it's off to the Rotorua Airport  

     to see fabulous murals and                     

 The Rotorua Arts Village Tree was yarnbombed and I got to have a snuggle in it!

​                        and crater lakes.                     What an exciting place!

​(my personal favorite!)

​Bubbling mud pools

In 'Sulphur City' you can find                                            ​Geysers

The Hobbit Houses are so cool!  Wouldn't it be fun to live in one?

Ta da!  I made it!  I am in The Shire​ of Middle-earth!

​I'm a big fan of the LOTR  movies  and was  very  excited about  visiting  one of  the  movie  sets where  they  were filmed!

      A  REAL

  Hobbit  Village

   is  found  in

  Matamata, NZ  

Here I am travelling by map to get to it.

For more Fishy Pics
After playing with the real fish, I like to visit with the ornaments on their Christmas tree.  Aren't
                 they pretty?
House Hippos can't float in the air!!  Can they...?
You'd think Kato would get used
to me pretending to float with
him but it still weirds him out
every time...
Tu floating outside the aquarium?             Nah! ...
Is that really you, Tu?

They were right!

​The giraffes got all their family members to look for Murungal for me but told me that I'd hear him first.

Muru needed help to leave his island home and with my biped friends, I knew I was the Hippo for the job.

​We at House Hippo Hideaway received a call for help from a House Hippo by the name of Murungal (Aboriginal for thunder).

Now, for the first time, I can tell you about the secret part of my trip to Australia.  

​Just look at how thick the old  wood  front door  is! The keeper  of the church was very surprised to see a  House  Hippo  visiting and said he  was  looking forward to  reading about my travels.

  Church of the Good Shepherd              on

   Lake Tekapo

Tu on a pew in an old country stone church.  What a peaceful place!

​Just imagine the many many knitted and crocheted items it took to cover this tree!

Can you find me in my nest?  Look below for close-ups.  re.

e.anThe Green Dragon Inn was

      warm and cosy.  I could

      have slept there for days!

    I'm off on an adventure

in New Zealand and Australia!here.

Many naps and lots of peanut butter on toast later, it is finally spring!