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I was a House Hippo just like you in my own corner of the world in Australia.  I contacted the HHH on                                 their Guests  page

                                  and asked if

                                     there was

                                       anyone out

                                       there who

                                     could help

                                    me get off the 

                                    island where  I

                                  was living.                                                   

Tucsonanswered me and this is what happened next...

I said I was sorry and promised not to eat him.

I bellowed the loudest when everyone scared me when they yelled at me to not eat the pitcher plant. It is the provincial flower.

​Everyone thinks I am a moose when I bellow...

​And then they take me to Cape Spear.  It is the most northeasterly point in North America and very beautiful! 

For the answers to these questions, stay tuned...

Will Muru stay in Newfoundland or will he continue to travel?  

Will the bipeds mind him eating all the garden plants?

Does Muru know how to whisper?

​CruFuTu introduce me to bearded irises.                                              Mmmmmm...

​The other House Hippos like to

    hang out under the hostas.  

       I think I will like this too.

It was rainy and foggy the first day so Cru took me back to Signal Hill the next day when it was sunny.  We sat in the sun and had a long talk about the meaning of life which of course, is about peanut butter.

​    I'm so excited!  I finally get to meet the other House Hippo Hideaway owners, Cruton and Futon.  They take me                to Signal Hill where we see icebergs!

​... and tastes!

​Newfoundland is beautiful!  I'm spending a lot of time napping in the family garden and enjoying the fresh green smells! 

We didn't use time travel to get to my new home but it did take a lot of time to get there.

I don't quite understand it all but according to Tu, trains, train stations and clocks

        have something to do with time travel.  Tu is an interesting little fellow...

Tu couldn't wait to show me the train station.

​I wonder what skin cream she uses to keep her skin so pliable?     One eucalyptus leaf for me, one for you...

​I'm just stating the obvious and this emu takes offense and bites my bum!   The other emus laugh! 

I strike up a conversation with a wombat and take a walk with him.

​At the Featherdale Wildlife Park

Our photographer can't take these pretty feathers home with her so Tu acts as a weight so the wind doesn't blow them away while she takes a picture.

​I laugh at the pelican sign.

Weeeeeeeeee​!   Riding a train at a 52 degree incline!  This is the steepest passenger railway in the world.

​The conductor even let us sit in the driver's seat!

​A cable car ride and a scenic railway ride in the Blue Mountains were fantastic!

My new biped friends take Tu and me on some adventures before we leave Australia...

​Ooooh!  The Sydney Opera House!   It's so big close-up!

​Wow!  It sure is big out here!  And this ferry even stops where fish can make an escape if they want to!

A leap onto the ferry and we're off!                                           You did it Tu!  I'm free!!!!!!!!!

And then we make our getaway!  My little heart was pounding so hard!  Tu clung to his friend's hat while my new biped friend hung onto me!

​  but I've always been friends with this statue.

​I'm kinda afraid of the real Tasmanian Devils

Zeke always dressed very smartly.

​This is where I live.   Not very much to do.                                  'Bye Gus!   I'll write you!


​    Don't mind him, Mu.  

You know we'll miss you!

​Hey Mort!

​I'm leaving now.

After Tucson found me, I took him around with me while I said my good-byes.

​I've always liked these guys.  Come on down and meet them.                              Everywhere is a long walk.

When you're a    House Hippo,