​It's really wonderful to have friends that look out for you...

​Awww Fu, you scared me!  I thought you were dead!

but I AM breathing, Bernie!

Breathe Futon,


Oh no!  Futon is down!

      I'll start CPR!

Tucson is spending more time in the garden now so I'm introducing him to my                bee friends and showing him how bearded iris blossoms give hugs. 

​Ooooooh, it's finally summer again!

to bee continued...
Tu and I made Cruton a lime cake for his birthday.  It was very tasty!
Winter,  Snow &
I really like making outfits for our photo
   shoots and didn't mind sewing each
        individual sequin onto my coat.
for more Fish Friends

  Did I scare you?                                 My pumpkin outfit isn't  as


scary  from  side  on.  My

hat  is  made  from

bakeable  polymer  clay

and  my  cloak  is  a  splash

of  glass  paint  after  it hardened.   It's  still  soft enough  to  bend  around my  little  body  and  to  be comfortable  in  while  Trick or  Treating.

Look closely at flowers that attract bees.  You just might see ME!
Travelling by car with my friends is so much fun!                           We even have a built-in pocket where we can sleep!
Ooooh!  I love mushrooms!                                     Cruton lets me stand on his back to nibble blueberries
I spend hours and hours lazing in the little pond in the garden  and   fall asleep while watching Musa swim.
Flamingos are great summer garden party guests!   They know so many fun games!
I will never forget Bart.
Unfortunately, bees don't live very long and I had to say good-bye to Bart.       Our last sunset together.
                 Before I knew it, it was graduation day.  My dear friend Bart made me an Honourary Bee.  I am so proud!
Bart was such a good teacher!  He was so patient when I kept sneezing and slipping off the garden hose.
My lessons began on a rainy day.  Bart the bee showed me how to wash my face and take a bath with my front legs.  I didn't know my body could contort that way.
My most difficult lesson was Pollen Collecting.       I was too heavy to balance in the flower.
Bart suggested I try using the garden hose snaking
    around the flower beds.  What a clever fellow!
One day I decided to wait outside a bee nest in the garden to see if I could find a tutor in being a bee. The first bee out said he would love to be my friend and teach me how to be a bee.  I was so excited!

We are the Hungry Hippos at Jungle Jim's Eatery                          Another visit to beautiful Cape Spear
I like slugs too.  This friendly fellow touches my chin on his way home.   Guess he likes me too.
Our new House Hippo friend, Tucson, joins us for chocolate trilobites and a swim  in Manuels River, NL
In Florida,  Cruton and I help Meg and Mum make a narwhalicorn (narwhale-unicorn)
Exploring and  geocaching on Bell Island in Conception Bay, NL 
 My birthday is Dec. 25th and my NL family sent me this Sugar Plum Fairy outfit and my favourite candy treat
             That's us rolling in a bog  (lower right corner)               and          nibbling on reindeer moss at Cape Spear
Iz helps Cru and me navigate the rocks at the most easterly point in North America, Cape Spear, NL
    After climbing Topsail Bluff, we take in the view of Conception Bay South, NL
Hotel Robert                                        With Cruton, Iz and Meg at a look-off                                   On a colourful ride
Cruton and me looking both ways before we cross a cobblestone street in France
      When I first arrived at Meg's, I was cold a lot
         so she made me coats to keep me warm
In Ste. Pierre et Miquelon, I met a friend
         who gave me guided tours

In the Beeginning

Favourite Friends, Places and Memories

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It was such a warm and sunny day and the flowers smelled so sweet.

What a perfect

   place for a  



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