Kato wasn't very nice to Ceto so he was moved back into the Big House.  here.

Ceto was depressed after Priscilla died so she moved from the 20 gallon house to live with Kato and Finn.  Ceto was shy at first but soon

followed Finn everywhere.  A new friend!

Kato and Finn moved to a 32 gallon house for six months.  They got more food but the one who brought them the food got many dirty looks after the move. 

And then the three biggest koi (Cecil, Matsu and Zorro) were getting all the food. They had grown the fastest while Finn and Kato pretty much stayed the same size.

 Erik, the goldfish who thinks she is a koi didn't let the big fish bother her at all.

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Before she died, Priscilla joined us at our Christmas party.

would not leave her side.  It was two days later before Ceto allowed the body to leave.

Pricilla was sick a lot and when she died a year later, Ceto still 

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Ceto was a good and faithful friend to Priscilla.  Even when Prissy was sick, Ceto stayed close by her side.

And a new best friend cured her lonliness.

But the damage was done. The stress caused Prissy to

get sick. Luckily,

her bloating was  

    cured with



Prissy was so happy that she could finally hide in peace. 

Priscilla had only been with us a couple of

  weeks and she was getting thinner and

    thinner.  She needed her own house.

himself.  Only Kato could fit into the log opening so no one was able to share in his feast.  Kato was not very popular back then.  He was, however, very full.

Well, most of the time we are.  We used to have live plants in our house but we just couldn't stop eating them.  Kato used to take plants into the decorative log and hog them all to 

We are a very happy family!

A few years later, Erik starts to turn white.  She is also blind. Since she takes all her food by hand she doesn't have to worry about racing the faster fish to food.

Erik is soon teaching everyone how to swim through the double bird perches.

After a few years, Ninja Kato (above) developed a red spot on his head.  After another few years, it turned black and has been steadily growing bigger.  Nothing serious.  Just a beauty mark, he says.

Not to be outdone, Kato shows off his pretty belly and stealthily glides back and forth under the bird perch.  Like a ninja, he says.  

Zorro also proves to be a talented dancer.

Being afraid of coming to the surface, Finn demonstrates acrobatics on the substrate. She is very proud of her pretty belly.

O.K.  Now you try it Erik. 

      Doncha think I look like a koi?  Oh please, please tell me I look like a koi!

Bendable bird perches in the aquarium were a big hit.  Matsu taught Erik how to gracefully swim through one.

Zorro and Matsu  soon livened things up with their singing and taught Little Kato how to whistle

We needed some friends!

          ​    So Kato and I moved inside and swam back

         and forth and back and forth and side to side and

      side to side and then back and forth and back and

  forth until we fell asleep.  And then we did it all again.

 ​of weeks later.  

When I was the lone fish in an outdoor pond, I was presented with two buddies, Kato and Vern.  Sadly, a crow tried to take Vern a couple 

Now that you have met all of us, please stay for our true fishy stories!

I have one large blue eye and a normal eye.

This is what I looked like four years ago.  Now, I am orange, black and white.

I am Musa the Black Moor and my name is Arabic for Moses. 

endearing personality of any living creature she has ever met!   

I am Cassiopeia, the Oranda goldfish. The human who looks after me says I have the most

I am​ Carling (Red Cap) the fantail goldfish.  I keep to myself but Cassiopeia and I are good friends.

I am Othello the Black Moor and I arrived in the 32 gal aquarium with Tomi and Togi. They got all the food at feeding time so I quickly learned that I could get my share by eating out of my human's hand. She was much less scary than Tomi.

I am Hitomi and a rather aggressive male. My name is Japanese for beautiful eyes. 

I am Togi and am a gentle female.

Shubunkins in  the 32 gallon house.

I am Ceto the shubunkin and my name is Greek for goddess of the sea.  I'm only a little fish but I love Priscilla and my job is to be her best friend.  

I am Erik, a large female comet who came all by myself to take care of poor little picked on Priscilla. I always wanted to be a koi so I ended up hanging more with them than

with Priscilla.  Sorry, Prissy! 

I am Priscilla the comet goldfish.  I arrived at the Big House with Matsu.  Being very small, I couldn't get enough food and was so stressed that I moved to my own 20 gallon aquarium.

I am Zorro and Finnigan and I came to the Big House (95 gal aquarium) together. I too was afraid to come to the surface for food but after five days of not eating, Cecil moved me toward the surface while the other fish stayed on the bottom. After I finally ate, Cecil ate and then the others were allowed up to feed.  From then on I was first up to eat.  I quickly grew bigger than even the older koi!

I am Finnigan ( a female) and I am shy and keep to myself a lot. All of the other fish eat out of our human friend's hand and like to be petted by her.  I have lived with the other koi for 11 years and have never come to the surface for food.  I eat only sinking food and look longingly at floating treats...  

Despite her name, Cecil is

a female.  We started out

together in a small outside pond but  because crows

liked to sit dangerously close to us, 12 years ago we moved into  a 95 gallon aquarium inside.

koi and the only male.

I am Kato and I am the smallest

in our aquarium so we hang out together a lot.  When you look up at me swimming overhead, I'm told I look like an angel with wings wide open.  I am a very loud eater and make all sorts of slurping and smacking noises at food time.

I am Matsu.  My name means sea goddess in Chinese. Cecil and I are the biggest fish

I am the oldest in our family and am told

that I have a gentle nature. I try to make

sure that all the fish are good to each other. 

 to the

Hi, I'm Cecil the koi fish

No Matsu, they were never REAL fish!

     Some of our lives are shorter than others but they     aren't any less happy.

It is sad when one of our friends die but it makes us happy to remember the good times we had together.  We have all lived in frequently changed filtrated water and eat a variety of foods filled with healthy vitamins and minerals. We also get great treats like skinned peas, blanched broccoli florets, blood worms and even cooked shrimp!  We also like watermelon and cucumber.  

Our gravel is vacuumed regularly.  We have plenty of soft decorative plants that we dig up and move around, tunnels, bird perches, bubbles and waterfalls to swim through and a live human hand that pets us and creates wonderful tsunamis for us to play in!

Zorro was buried beside      Priscilla and Ceto.

We so loved her!re.

Everyone got along just great!

Othello and Togi were very happy to meet their new little friends, Carling and Cassieopia. 

Zorro has never had trouble eating.     We had a feeding ring for a

       couple of days but Zorro    

      discovered she could tip

       it with her nose and all 

       the food would fall 

​          into her mouth!

Zorro loves to pretend she can fly!

When she wants

to swim, she takes a

giant leap to the surface, gulps some air to help her

stay afloat and swims for

as long as she wants.  She

then expels the air and

drops like a stone to the


Our photographer friend has us swim around while she records us at a slow shutter speed.

We enjoy making art!

Later that year, in the Big House, our beautiful Zorro died.  

Togi seemed happy for a few months

but then she died suddenly.  

Everyone missed her.

So, the 20 gal aquarium became the Fish Hospital

Sometimes Zorro would sleep in our PVC hangout.

To keep Zorro company, I started to spend time at

the bottom with her.  Soon after, I  would fall asleep. 

Other than having buoyancy   issues, Zorro is just fine.

And then one day when we were playing Fish Twister, we noticed that Zorro was spending a lot of time on the gravel while we fell all around her.  Zorro was having trouble floating and for the next couple of years spent most of her time on the substrate.  

Our black moor fish friend Musa has her own page.  That's her below showing you how to get there.

Fish kisses and best wishes to everyone!

And now another Christmas is here again!

All of us in the Big House were sad for a long time. 

Alas, all was not well in the Little House.

Othello, Hitomi and Togi.

the 32 gal aquarium became the new home to


Since the other fish always do what I do, soon everyone was beside Zorro.


And that brings us to the end of our stories for now.  It was great of you to join us!

In time, Carling and Cassieopeia joined Othello in the fish cemetery.

During her last couple of weeks, Othello righted herself but would sink to the bottom of the aquarium. This time she sat on the perch!  Clever Othello!

A little perch was suctioned to the glass and Othello quickly learned that she could wrap part of her tail fin around it and it would stop her from being dragged around by the water current.  She was fine otherwise.

Poor Othello was so afraid of both Tomi and Togi that she hid a lot and wouldn't come up for food.  She got more confidence after she learned to eat from the feeder's hand.  And she got more food.

Hitomi followed Togi everywhere and bit her whenever he could.

Sadly, Ceto died and   Finn moved back  into the Big House.

he was darting

and leaping about

trying to touch his old friends.  Kato was so happy to be back home again, he couldn't stop kissing us!

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The Beginning

         Our little House Hippo friend Tucson

poses with the new fish ornaments for this year.

Don't get too close to that tree! That's probably how those other fish turned into glass ornaments!

I love to stare at the Christmas lights.  It's so relaxing.

A few years later, Othello was having swim bladder issues much like Zorro had but Othello spent a lot of her last couple of years floating upside down.  

For very little fishes, Carling and Cassie were quite brave.

They loved to entertain us with their singing. (Our homes were across from each other.)

There must have been some kind of communication between the old and new fishes because both Carling and Cassie took food from the feeder's hand before they saw Othello and Togi do it.

the pond with lots of different sized fish and nipping at the larger fishes' tails! 

A few months later, Tomi bit off some of Togi's tail.  Tomi was taken back to the fish store.

​Our human friend told me that when she went to check on Tomi later that week, he was in 

That's when we decided to live inside.

While Kato was acclimating in a plastic bag in the Big House, 

You wanna see one happy fish!

While all this was going on in the Big House,

And then we'd all fall asleep (except for Kato).