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​me on a moving conveyor belt!  Well, I was so shocked at all this and was still half asleep too that I didn't move a muscle.  Then it was all over and Meg placed me back in the safe purse. 

I was X rayed for the first time.  I was napping in Meg's purse when this 

strange hand touched me and then set me on a

counter. This hand then took my coat off and then placed 

This summer at Toronto Pearson Airport

​We're having a great summer showing Mu around even if he does have to taste everything he sees...

               Halloween is here!     I made my hat out of polymer clay and the cape is bendable dried glass paint.
                                 We made the little pumpkin hats (right corner, left pic) out of polymer clay too.
We enjoy going for car rides.  Futon was napping when the
               moose lights were flashing.  We didn't see any moose though.
                  No, we didn't jump on the puffball                                                          Wet ferns tickle the body!
Fu and I decided to stay on in NL until November to work on this website.  We miss Meg very much but 
   know she will be pleased when she sees our work.  We took a day off to visit some ducks.  Tu didn't
                      come with us because he said the sand would stick between his furry toes..

Tu also said that graveyards creep him out and he didn't want to come with us to snack on
          some really tasty 'shrooms.  We had to stop for a nap after all that eating... 


Hiking House Hippos
After all that travelling, it's nice just to stay at home (I really have one now!) with my family.
            In the summer though, we return to NL for a visit.  This is us at Cape Spear.
A new winter coat and I'm off to Meg!
Resting by an Internet café in Invisible Mountain, New Brunswick
  Cecil the koi sneaks up on me                                                      Othello the Black Moor and  Hitomi and Togi    
                                                                                                             the  shubunkins introduce themselves to me
For the first few days, I couldn't shake a bit of a chill, so Auntie Pat made me some pyjamas 
           to keep me warm.  I had a nice long sleep and then made some fish friends.
After my nice long soak and a peanut         butter pie snack, my height    
   measurement is recorded on the 
      kitchen door frame.  The fishes
  Priscilla and Ceto are just above my
    name.  Now I am an official family
         member.  It's all so exciting!
Before I became a North American House Hippo, I lived in Madagascar, off  southeast  Africa.  My Mom and Dad  spoke  Malagasy at  home so I can  speak it a  little.

Don't be alarmed!

                         It's only me in my travelling outfit.   I
                   must admit though, I really have to hold my
         breath to get into this sleek body suit.  Thank goodness
for the Velcro closings that keep my ever-expanding tummy inside!
to be continued...
Thanks to my NL family for the
       stylish hat and slippers!
What a lucky House Hippo am I!
to see more of our fish friends
We also made friends with this talkative
     bug who lived on top of the bluff
Futon and me in Florida.  Meg kept a close eye
on Fu so the beach sand wouldn't swallow him up!
In Saint Pierre et Miquelon, the truffles and chocolates are SO good!
           Meg, Iz and Auntie Pat asked me to direct their
   stop-motion video. Doncha just love my director's outfit?
They might try and share their  lunch with you!
Surrounded by bug eating pitcher plants.  Very cool!
   Meg holds us tightly so the wind won't blow us away!
I applied for a modelling job to help pay for all the peanut butter I was eating and to prepare
    for my next long journey.  I was getting anxious to see Meg.  Wouldn't she be surprised
      when she saw the billboards and tv ads with me representing a well known company?
                  Where did everyone go?                                                  Hey Cru!  Is there something on top of my head?
This is my official Christmas pic
     for my modelling portfolio
Like our hats?  We couldn't find ones 
    small enough in the store so we  
     made ours out of polymer clay 
We love playing in the snow and posing   
       for Christmas card photographs
Sadly, my old fish pal Togi died last year
We visited his grave and I told Fu and Tu stories about the funny things he said.
       It's such a wild and beautiful place here!                                       I could sit here for hours at a time.  And I do!
My first Christmas in Canada!                                            The fish ornaments on the fishes' tree were so cool!
                       Yeah, he looks like a House Hippo to me.  You guys take a closer look too...

   ​ Tu travelled to Australia, helpedMurungal (Aboriginal for 'thunder') escape and next thing you know

                              we're all at Signal Hill in St. John's watching icebergs and telling tales! 

​So now Futon and I are back visiting NL for the summer.  What a surprise greets us! Our own little Tucson answered a message from an Australian House Hippo asking for help in escaping a zoo. 

Futon and Tucson surprised me with a delicious lime cake on my birthday!
Hooray!  Another modelling job!  More peanut butter treats for me and my friends!
               We DO love the NL Chocolate Company's different
                        flavours of chocolate trilobite fossils!
  This summer in NL, we meet Tucson and become fast friends.  On Topsail
   Bluff, overlooking Conception Bay, we made a lovely little nest to nap in.
.           Izzy helps us complete my birthday puzzle.                                       She uses tweezers to place the tiny pieces!
In Florida, my favourite mini golf and hotel pool
.        One rainy day, Meg painted this portrait of me with glass paint.  Isn't she talented?
      A garden gnome guards this geocache!                                           Another wonderful day with my friends!
           Mmmmmmmmmm.  Yummy!!
We all do!
                I slept through January and February to conserve strength for the last leg of my journey to Meg. 
                               I had the tastiest and most beautiful dreams!  I started to crave eating cherries...
Hmmmm...                                             Nah, Tomi just spat out some gravel above you.  Nothin' to worry about.