Does this pic make you think of the Wise Men crossing the desert? No, neither did it us. Well, not a lot anyway...

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     Vigilant parents alert:
  Hippo says, What the h*ll

While travelling by hoof or by car, we always sing along with Hippo and Roy
                  and sing Noodles on My Back  by Steven Wilson
   We snuggle in together when on dangerous curves and hide in the side pockets when we want to take a nap
 This is Manuels River in
 Manuels, Newfoundland
           and discovering
               new places.
We like meeting new friends
First, a nice long soak to get the ocean salt out of our hide and then a   l  o  n  g   nap.
A very tired Cruton is bundled into a warm blanket and brought to Auntie Pat's
             home for a much needed rest before continuing on to find Meg.
Just wait until Meg finally met her hippo friend!. 
                  Her HouseHippo friend!!!
Love  had  turned  a  River  Hippo  into  a  House  Hippo!
Funny thing though, by the time this River Hippo reached 
     Ireland, he was craving chips and raisins.  Hmmm. 
          Four months later, on a Newfoundland shore, 
              Cruton was met by Meg's Auntie Pat who
                  was pleasantly surprised to discover
                       her exhausted traveler and new
                            nephew was a real honest-to- 
                                 goodness House Hippo!

Meg silently answered the request of the brave
      travelling hippo and named him Cruton.
Meg also realized that this little fellow thought 
that a House Hippo was any hippo that lived in
       a house and she instantly loved him for
             wanting to be her House Hippo.

When our intrepid little hippo was getting ready to swim the Atlantic Ocean,
             he mailed a postcard to Meg letting her know where he was.

Hearing Meg's wish, the very cute hippo filled his travelling trunk with pics and his stamp collection.  His mother made him some peanut butter fudge squares and peanut butter cups to take with him on his long journey.  He hugged his family good-bye and set off to find his new friend.
On the other side of the world, a little girl  named Meg was wishing with all her heart 
  that she had a house hippo as a friend.

Once upon a time there was a very cute hippopotamus who lived in Madagascar.  Although he loved his family, his heart was filled with wanderlust and he was sure that there were wonderful adventures waiting for him outside
                                       his river home. 

©HOME 2011

A Message from Cruton

Kisses and lime cake from Tu and Fu on my birthday on March 1

All of us at the House Hippo Hideaway wish all of you 

            the best at Christmas and always!

       So what's up with that bee outfit?   Our smallest 
                             House Hippo tells all.
A Ranch House Hippo from Arizona.  Why would
this shy fellow move northeast to Newfoundland?
This is for you, our readers!  What's it like for House
Hippos where you live?  Any stories or photos you
want to share with the HHH?  Any messages to leave?
.Are you troubled by a problem and not sure how to
         handle it?  May-be Dear CruFuTu can help.
              Every summer we climb up Topsail Mountain with Meg.  This year, we took Doxi the Paradoxides trilobite
                            fossil from Manuels River up with us to see a fantastic view of Conception Bay South, NL

                     We love drives in the car and always get the seats with the best view
This is Musa the Black Moor
Erik the Goldfish & Cecil the Koi
We have Fish Friends!
Pink flamingos know the best party games.
A House Hippo Conga line
Of course, we love to dress up for summer garden parties...
You can see real trilobite fossils here and buy some delicious chocolate ones.   Mmmmmm...

Great news!​  We have a visitor from Australia staying with us for awhile.  Tucson staged a dramatic rescue mission and brought us back Murungal.  

  Be sure and check out their pages for more          info.

Come back soon!
          Trick or Treating next door                                                            Our 56 yr. old friend, Punkinhead

It's  Time  for  Pumpkins  and  Treats !

A rushing river, a gentle breeze, the warm sun on our faces and a tree to rest in -- a perfect day!
Watching the Waterford River                                               Taking a drink from the horse and dog trough
     A morning in Bowring Park, St. John's, NL.
We like to pose with the statue critters                                                       Slugs are very fond of us
On hot summer afternoons, we like to laze in
         the cool shade of the hosta leaves.
When we crave an adventure, the back yard myrtle bed
provides hours of entertainment.  Our friends the worms,
               slugs and bugs all live and party here!

​© 2016

​Spending summer days in our back yard     at home is where we are happiest!

​The House Hippos' best friend and us at our favourite spot.

​Of course, we showed Mu Cape Spear and he just loved running wild and free through the barrens and bogs!

​Meg & Izzy are back working in NL for the summer and we all took Muru to see Signal Hill and the icebergs.  Muru was very impressed.

              to see more
             Fish Friends

There's no place like home!

We love Sunday morning family breakfasts in Garden Hill.  We're always first to the table!
Here we are working on our website.  Tucson reads what's on the screen, Futon types by using his clever little  feet, and I,
      ahem, eat peanut butter covered in chocolate and icing sugar to keep my strength up for thinking of what to say...
Up close and personal with the House Hippo who
            started it all.   What is he really like?